Stop Being a Landlord

Being a landlord is tough. Whether it is bad tenants destroying your house or vacancy destroying your profit, there is always something to worry about. Wouldn’t you like the chance to get rid of a rental property and move on to better opportunities?

Sell you house to me! I buy houses all over the San Antonio area in any condition. Did tenants leave your last rental a wreck? Don’t worry about repairing it, I buy houses as is. If your house has been vacant for a while you don’t have to worry anymore. In a matter of days you can have your house sold and cash in your hand.

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There are times when it is smooth sailing, but that is not always the case. Owning rental property can be a ton of work. It takes patience and the ability to deal with many different personality types.


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Each time one of our properties becomes vacant, we have to place ads to find a new tenant. Sometimes searching for a new tenant can bring a lot of shenanigans. For instance, we have had people lie on their application about their employment or credit rating. Others have been completely dishonest about having a job at all. After checking one person’s application, we found that they had multiple evictions on their record. Obviously, we didn’t rent to that person!

Even after you find a qualified tenant, sometimes problems will still occur. Some of our tenants have been habitually late paying their rent. We have a late-fee stipulation in our lease, but we have never charged anyone.

We simply don’t need the added drama, although we are probably just perpetuating the problem. Still, as long as they pay within a few days I don’t get too worried about it. We just choose to pick our battles.

Speaking of bad apples…